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JGD site editor

Real-time, online site editing tool for your business website

JGD SiteEditor (or Content Management System Editor) is the perfect choice for business owners looking to edit their own website online without the need for extra software, a web designer or vast html knowledge.

A general overview of features is shown below.

Edit your site from any computer with internet access

With JGD SiteEditor you can add, edit and delete your website content on any computer with internet access.. via your login details.

Easy-to-use available files layout

With JGD SiteEditor your files or web pages are displayed in a tree like format for easy selection for editing.

Simple-to-use tool bars

The tool bars provided for site editing have been kept simple for easy use. No complicated CMS system to use.. just point and edit technology.

Easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor

JGD Editor comes with a comprehensive online editor.. if you can use Microsoft Word.. you can use JGD SiteEditor.