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Domain names - where to start?

1. Choose a domain name...

What is a domain name? is our unique name for the domain jgdesign. The domain extension is which tells people it is an australian business. We also use our domain name for email addresses, for example will send an email to the recipient named joe bloggs at the domain jgdesign with domain extension

How do I choose a domain name?

Australian businesses that require a or a domain extension are required to follow the rules for Australian Domain Name Registrations - click here to find out more. Other domain extensions such as .com and .net don't have to be for business use.

Choose a domain name that will be easy to remember, short enough to type out quickly and reflects your business or products.

2. Check to see if that domain name is not already taken...

Type in the domain you want to register to see if it may already be registered by another business, group or person.

Search for domain name availability

3. Order your chosen domain name...

Who am I buying my domain name from?

Jolly Good Design is a domain reseller for NetRegistry. NetRegistry is a fully accredited domain name registrar.